I have received an email from Vogue, the Vogue, Vogue magazine, the Vogue that is huge in fashion and design.

Dear Kasia Turajczyk,

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to get in touch to invite you to work with Vogue on an inspiring art and design advertorial page for our November 2014 issue, entitled Vogue’s Gallery. Within this covetable edition of Vogue (on sale 6th October), we are looking to showcase a selection of talented artists from the UK and overseas who may yet be undiscovered by our 1.3 million readers. I have been browsing your website and your amazing artwork, I think your stunning collection would make a fabulous addition to this page.

Woooooo.. I am so flattered.

Vogue's Gallery will showcase a selection of paintings, prints, photography and sculptures as inspiration for our affluent and stylish female readers. Vogue readers spend more money on their homes than readers of any other monthly glossy fashion magazine (in the last 12 months alone collectively spending £477 million on furniture, art and interior design)!

The November issue is one of our best-selling issues of the year, showcasing this year’s International Winter fashion collections. This issue is also accompanied by the popular High Street Supplement which is sponsored by H&M. Furthermore the November issue is the first issue in our Christmas series (November, December & January). Vogue remains the dominant magazine in its field, with a readership of over 1.3 million. Vogue has also announced a 5% increase in its circulation and 10% increase in subscriptions (both in print and digital versions.)

Our pages are designed to look like a recommendation from the magazine, with a profile or product shot and the text written in the third person to describe each artist and their collections. All that will be needed from you is one high-resolution image of either something from your current collection or your most popular design.

Till that point I was very excited but also suspicious. In my conscious mind I initially considered this email as spam or a scam, another vanity, pay-to-play opportunity for artists. These days if you want to be an artist you have to pay for it. The time when you were well paid to be an artist is in the mythical past.
And I was right:

The cost for taking part completely depends on which size you would like to do. Please see below the available sizes to feature on this exclusive page (example pages attached):

5cm x 1 column = £325 + VAT (reduced from £790+VAT rate card)

1 image and 35-40 word write-up

8cm x 1 column = £520 +VAT (reduced from £1,264+VAT rate card)

1 large image and 40-45 word write-up

5cm x 2 columns = £650 +VAT (reduced from £1,580+VAT rate card)

1 large image or 2 images and 50 word write-up

8cm x 2 columns = £1008 +VAT (reduced from £2,528+VAT rate card)

1 large image or 2 images and 50-60 word write-up

¼ page = £1560 +VAT (reduced from £3,792+VAT at rate card)

1 or 2 large images or 4 images and up to 75 word write-up

 Your advert will also be available on the downloadable version of Vogue on the iPad and Kindle!

 We always recommend advertising little and often and thus we also offer further discounts for those looking to advertise for 3 months or more – please see these discounts below:

3 months = 5% discount

6 months = 10% discount

12 months – 15% discount

All we ask for is a high resolution colour image approx 300dpi in either a jpeg or pdf format and approx 50-60 words of copy depending on the size advert you choose. The booking and artwork deadline for the November issue is Wednesday 3rd September. However you will not be invoiced until the magazine goes on sale (6th October), with 30 days to pay. As this is one of our biggest issues of the year, space is at a premium and we shall be taking bookings on a first come, first served basis.

If this is of interest to you or you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on 020 7152 3968 and I can provide you with all of the information for your consideration. I will be delighted to hear from you.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Kindest regards,

Sian Hayes

Is Vogue bankrupt, is Vogue in despair?
Vogue as a new vanity possibility for artists.
Really! A Black Swan in fashion publishing!

I promised myself never ever again to pay to exhibit my art or even to take part in a competition if I have to pay for the privilege. But Vogue, should I do it or should I not? To be or not to be!?



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