I am a painter of colours and strange and surreal stories from my own imagination.
To practice art is like to practice Zen, you must live intensely, wholeheartedly and without reserves. How many years do I have to practice art? Until I die!
My creation are extremely varied: from the 2-dimensional figurative paintings, modern figurative, through surreal, fantastic, semi-abstract, abstract, 3- dimensional collages, installations and mural, till video-art. I always combine my works in cycles, such as Peter Pan Series, Metropolis Series, Eyes Series, Devon Series or Brain Series.
Things that definitely have had a big impact on me as an artist are: knowledge (I am a book addict), other artists, art history, the space and environment that surround me in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

I think that our existence in a philosophical/cosmic sense is meaningless. Compared to the history and the dimension of the universe we humans are nothing. Because of that we shouldn’t take ourselves so damn seriously. If we could do this our lives would be 100% more tolerable. Our lives are also often very difficult, too harsh to be taken seriously. This does not mean that we should not respect this world and the creatures that live in this world. I try to express this persona l philosophy in my paintings and my writing.

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