"I’ve often heard people say: ‘I wonder what it would feel like to be on board a spaceship,’ and the answer is very simple. What does it feel like? That’s all we have ever experienced. We are all astronauts on a little spaceship called Earth." -R. Buckminster Fuller
I am taking part in an exhibition entitled From Cowboys to Astronauts. It takes place at The Enviro Hub, Devon Contract Waste in Exeter; from Monday April 20 till May, 24 2015. We, the artist from Devon, are presenting objects, installations, visual art etc made from waste. The meaning of it is to  promoting the concept of a circular economy – a regenerative economic system where materials and energy from products are recovered and put back into the system instead of simply being disposed of. The initiative for this exhibition came from Centre for Alternative Materials and Remanufacturing Technologies (CALMARE), a business technology centre, part funded by the ERDF, based at the University of Exeter. The waste materials used in the exhibition have been sourced from the University itself, from the private 'collections' of artists and from other locations around Devon, including Exeter and Plymouth Scrapstores, Peninsula Waste Savers in Okehampton and the Devon County Council landfill sites managed by SITA. On Saturday 2nd May, there will be a Family Day, where you will get the chance to use recycled materials yourselves, in children’s workshops run by artists taking part in the exhibition. Meet the Artist days on Saturday 9th and 16th May will give the public an opportunity to talk to some of the artist exhibiting and find out more about their work. Entry to the exhibition is free, and it is open to the public from Monday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays, until the final Friday, May 22nd 2015. Today, Tuesday, 28th we are having a private view at 8.30 pm. I will make photos of my paper installation and of the objects of other artist. Tomorrow I will make a post bassed of my impression from this exhibiton. Here are some images of my installation entiteld: One Month's Fortune!  [caption id="attachment_1185" align="aligncenter" width="151"]Paper Installation - One Month's Fortune Nr.1 Paper Installation - One Month's Fortune Nr.1[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1187" align="aligncenter" width="300"]100_6853 Paper Installation - One Month's Fortune Nr.2[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1186" align="aligncenter" width="300"]100_6851 Paper Installation - One Month's Fortune Nr.3[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1188" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Paper Installation - One Month's Fortune Nr.1 Kasia B. Turajczyk Paper Installation - One Month's Fortune Nr.4[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1189" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Paper Installation - One Month's Fortune Nr.5 Kasia B. Turajczyk Paper Installation - One Month's Fortune Nr.5[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1190" align="aligncenter" width="600"]1998-6562 maly Paper Installation - One Month's Fortune Nr.6 - Double size collage[/caption]
My devotion to Pinocchio is not a secret. I have always loved the character from the book by Carlo Collodi, I loved Disney's Pinocchio, I love the Russian Pinocchio and I love my two Pinocchio toys. They have travelled with me around the world; they are very old and wise. Made in Russia, they came from Russia to me. They are old, probably 50 and 45 years old. They are aging, one of them has lost his hair, and unfortunately also his nose. Since I was introduced to Pinocchio's character I have always been painting and drawing this wonderful marionette. Pinocchio willy-nilly was becoming a hero of my work. My first portrait of Pinocchio I made in oil on canvas; very expressionistic, with fat, large strokes of brush paint. It is kind of a dark painting. The next was lighter, brighter, finer, with spell of impressionistic touch. The series Return of Peter Pan also has a Pinocchio theme. Two brothers sitting close to each other and talking. [caption id="attachment_606" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Brothers Pinocchio - 63 cm x 63 cm Brothers Pinocchio - 63 cm x 63 cm[/caption] Last year I made another painting with Pinocchios in it. It is a very interesting painting in my humble opinion. I had an urge to paint a huge Pinocchio. I thought I would make him lean forward. I sketched him on a large canvas using thinned oil paint. Then I made very quickly a small sketchy painting on a small canvas. The space of the rectangular canvas was full of creatures and children. They were marching and holding banners and flags. They were protesting, they wanted to be free, free from all the rubbish and nonsense of adulthood. The night after I didn't sleep and thought about that painting. A totally new idea was born in my brain, still with the huge Pinocchio as a predominant element in. I imagined a Merry-go-round, some beautiful wooden horses and my children and a few toys riding them. A carousel as a loony bin of life. The children and the toys they want to escape from this madness. Pinocchios as wise men would help them to achieve it. They should rescue the children from the loony bin of our life. [caption id="attachment_1175" align="aligncenter" width="517"]the loony bin of life The Loony Bin of Life. Oil, 120cm x100cm[/caption]
"There where hatred is being born" - recycled painting from My Brain Series. My old work from Brain Series was painted with beetroot juice and blueberry juice and mixed with a cheap vinegar. Unfortunately after a few years the lines were fanished as well as the colours. Some funga started to grow on the canvas. I repainted the surface and rethinked the concept. Here is the new result. About the tile: Hatred is like a malignant neoplasm. I don't understand hatred. It kills empathy and reason. Without empathy we are not able to experience sympathy or compassion. There Where Hatred  Is Being Born small

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I am taking part in the South West Academy's major annual Open Exhibition in Exeter. The exhibition will include work by Academicians and invited artists - I am one of the invited artists. The Academy is pleased to have secured the beautifully renovated St Stephen's Church for the 2014 Open Exhibition. St Stephen's provides a large and well lit space in a perfect location, right in the centre of Exeter, fronting on to the High Street. The opening days and time of the exhibition are: Tuesday 23rd September 2014 through to and including Saturday 27th September . Opening hours 10am to 5pm. (4pm on Saturday) The two pieces of mine that will be exhibited are: Oil painting , To Be Or Not To Be 3D printed sculpture, Cyborgian Girl.   Here are the images: [caption id="attachment_1166" align="aligncenter" width="227"]Cyborgian Girl Cyborgian Girl - 3D sculpture - 850 euro[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1167" align="aligncenter" width="228"]To Be Or Not To Be for open To Be Or Not To Be - oil and acrylics - 750 euro[/caption]  

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I have received an email from Vogue, the Vogue, Vogue magazine, the Vogue that is huge in fashion and design.
Dear Kasia Turajczyk, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to get in touch to invite you to work with Vogue on an inspiring art and design advertorial page for our November 2014 issue, entitled Vogue’s Gallery. Within this covetable edition of Vogue (on sale 6th October), we are looking to showcase a selection of talented artists from the UK and overseas who may yet be undiscovered by our 1.3 million readers. I have been browsing your website and your amazing artwork, I think your stunning collection would make a fabulous addition to this page.
Woooooo.. I am so flattered.
Vogue's Gallery will showcase a selection of paintings, prints, photography and sculptures as inspiration for our affluent and stylish female readers. Vogue readers spend more money on their homes than readers of any other monthly glossy fashion magazine (in the last 12 months alone collectively spending £477 million on furniture, art and interior design)! The November issue is one of our best-selling issues of the year, showcasing this year’s International Winter fashion collections. This issue is also accompanied by the popular High Street Supplement which is sponsored by H&M. Furthermore the November issue is the first issue in our Christmas series (November, December & January). Vogue remains the dominant magazine in its field, with a readership of over 1.3 million. Vogue has also announced a 5% increase in its circulation and 10% increase in subscriptions (both in print and digital versions.) Our pages are designed to look like a recommendation from the magazine, with a profile or product shot and the text written in the third person to describe each artist and their collections. All that will be needed from you is one high-resolution image of either something from your current collection or your most popular design.
Till that point I was very excited but also suspicious. In my conscious mind I initially considered this email as spam or a scam, another vanity, pay-to-play opportunity for artists. These days if you want to be an artist you have to pay for it. The time when you were well paid to be an artist is in the mythical past. And I was right:
The cost for taking part completely depends on which size you would like to do. Please see below the available sizes to feature on this exclusive page (example pages attached): 5cm x 1 column = £325 + VAT (reduced from £790+VAT rate card) 1 image and 35-40 word write-up 8cm x 1 column = £520 +VAT (reduced from £1,264+VAT rate card) 1 large image and 40-45 word write-up 5cm x 2 columns = £650 +VAT (reduced from £1,580+VAT rate card) 1 large image or 2 images and 50 word write-up 8cm x 2 columns = £1008 +VAT (reduced from £2,528+VAT rate card) 1 large image or 2 images and 50-60 word write-up ¼ page = £1560 +VAT (reduced from £3,792+VAT at rate card) 1 or 2 large images or 4 images and up to 75 word write-up  Your advert will also be available on the downloadable version of Vogue on the iPad and Kindle!  We always recommend advertising little and often and thus we also offer further discounts for those looking to advertise for 3 months or more – please see these discounts below: 3 months = 5% discount 6 months = 10% discount 12 months – 15% discount All we ask for is a high resolution colour image approx 300dpi in either a jpeg or pdf format and approx 50-60 words of copy depending on the size advert you choose. The booking and artwork deadline for the November issue is Wednesday 3rd September. However you will not be invoiced until the magazine goes on sale (6th October), with 30 days to pay. As this is one of our biggest issues of the year, space is at a premium and we shall be taking bookings on a first come, first served basis. If this is of interest to you or you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on 020 7152 3968 and I can provide you with all of the information for your consideration. I will be delighted to hear from you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Kindest regards, Sian Hayes
Is Vogue bankrupt, is Vogue in despair? Vogue as a new vanity possibility for artists. Really! A Black Swan in fashion publishing! I promised myself never ever again to pay to exhibit my art or even to take part in a competition if I have to pay for the privilege. But Vogue, should I do it or should I not? To be or not to be!?    

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“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking. ”

 Albert Einstein

Polish Fairy Tale

My new painting from my new series Phantasmagoria. It is an oil on canvas; 60 cm x 80 cm;

It is a fairy tale about a Caterina di Barche, a daughter of a Polish prince from the Piast dynasty and a Tuscans princess from Siena.

Once upon a time at the lands of the kingdom of Malopolska lived a princess named Caterina di Barche. The locals called her Delight…

My new abstract. It is a real pleasure to experiment and play with adding textures to an oil painting. First the oil paints, added in different thicknesses and in different ways (brushes and pallet knifes). After that the fun of making textures. I used little, tiny sticks, pallet knifes and pins. The variety of textures you can achieve is amazing. It is never too late to learn new things. I am pleased with the end product. I used a linen canvas, the best quality you can get. The size of the work is: 88 cm high x 40 cm length. [caption id="attachment_1148" align="aligncenter" width="272"]Structures Implicated - oil on canvas by Kasia B. Turajczyk Structures Implicated - oil on canvas by Kasia B. Turajczyk[/caption]

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It is an open secret that contemporary art has lost its connection to beauty and the sacred. Another very important aspect is the craftsmanship. A huge percentage of contemporary art colleges' students and contemporary artists can’t draw or paint. The only thing that they are able to do is to express their own ideas or feelings. There is no beauty in most of the products of art and the sacred element is missing. On the other hand XX/XXI century art was/is an act of expression, so perhaps I am wrong. Maybe contemporary art is the expression of contemporary people who have lost any connection with the beautiful and the sacred?! Maybe they may not need these aesthetical and ethical sentiments from the past. Mass culture, popular culture, deception, profit, popularity and selfishness. The flow of information is so overwhelming - we don't have time for deep study or reflection. It is about sloppiness and dullness. That is a good characterisation of XXI century art: asexual and shallow. Sometimes I think that one of the last bastions of excellent technique, beauty and the sacred are the surreal artists, and of course the practitioners of traditional fine art too. [caption id="attachment_513" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The inflamed eye of the beholder from my surreal Eye Series The inflamed eye of the beholder - acrylics on canvas, 100 cm x 100 cm[/caption] Deep in my heart I feel as if we are living in the most tragic period for ART, with lack of reflection amongst the people involved with art.
"The Arts suffer from some kind of internal burnout. We live in a time of spiritual drought that has not produced great thinkers, writers, composers and artists. Those who are engaged in deep thinking and genuine creativity, should live like medieval monks in their internal hermitages."
*The view of professor Tadusz Gadacz; Polish philosopher, my translation from Polish. Maybe we need Nietzsche again to recongnize what we need:
"Unsere letzte Dankbarkeit gegen die Kunst. — Hätten wir nicht die Künste gut geheissen und diese Art von Cultus des Unwahren erfunden: so wäre die Einsicht in die allgemeine Unwahrheit und Verlogenheit, die uns jetzt durch die Wissenschaft gegeben wird — die Einsicht in den Wahn und Irrthum als in eine Bedingung des erkennenden und empfindenden Daseins —, gar nicht auszuhalten. Die Redlichkeit würde den Ekel und den Selbstmord im Gefolge haben. Nun aber hat unsere Redlichkeit eine Gegenmacht, die uns solchen Consequenzen ausweichen hilft: die Kunst, als den guten Willen zum Scheine. Wir verwehren es unserm Auge nicht immer, auszurunden, zu Ende zu dichten: und dann ist es nicht mehr die ewige Unvollkommenheit, die wir über den Fluss des Werdens tragen — dann meinen wir, eine Göttin zu tragen und sind stolz und kindlich in dieser Dienstleistung. Als ästhetisches Phänomen ist uns das Dasein immer noch erträglich, und durch die Kunst ist uns Auge und Hand und vor Allem das gute Gewissen dazu gegeben, aus uns selber ein solches Phänomen machen zu können. Wir müssen zeitweilig von uns ausruhen, dadurch, dass wir auf uns hin und hinab sehen und, aus einer künstlerischen Ferne her, über uns lachen oder über uns weinen; wir müssen den Helden und ebenso den Narren entdecken, der in unsrer Leidenschaft der Erkenntniss steckt, wir müssen unsrer Thorheit ab und zu froh werden, um unsrer Weisheit froh bleiben zu können! Und gerade weil wir im letzten Grunde schwere und ernsthafte Menschen und mehr Gewichte als Menschen sind, so thut uns Nichts so gut als die Schelmenkappe: wir brauchen sie vor uns selber — wir brauchen alle übermüthige, schwebende, tanzende, spottende, kindische und selige Kunst, um jener Freiheit über den Dingen nicht verlustig zu gehen, welche unser Ideal von uns fordert. Es wäre ein Rückfall für uns, gerade mit unsrer reizbaren Redlichkeit ganz in die Moral zu gerathen und um der überstrengen Anforderungen willen, die wir hierin an uns stellen, gar noch selber zu tugendhaften Ungeheuern und Vogelscheuchen zu werden. Wir sollen auch über der Moral stehen können: und nicht nur stehen, mit der ängstlichen Steifigkeit eines Solchen, der jeden Augenblick auszugleiten und zu fallen fürchtet, sondern auch über ihr schweben und spielen! Wie könnten wir dazu der Kunst, wie des Narren entbehren? — Und so lange ihr euch noch irgendwie vor euch selber schämt, gehört ihr noch nicht zu uns!"
From Die Frohliche Wissenschaft, Zweites Buch, Paragraph 107 - Unsere letzte Dankbarkeit gegen die Kunst
"we need all exuberant, floating, dancing, mocking, childish, and blissful art lest we lose our freedom above things that our ideal demands of us.... We should be able also to stand above morality -- and not only to stand with anxious stiffness of a man who is afraid of slipping and falling any moment, but also to float above it and play. How then could we possibly dispense with art -- and with the fool?
" translation by Walter Kaufmann.

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Buy Ambien Without Prescription, Three weeks before  last Christmas - December 2013 - I was in one of my thousands of melancholic moods. I was brooding about the human condition, Ambien price, Ambien without prescription, especially about the inanity and foolishness of my species. I went to my studio, Ambien samples, Ambien used for, picked up a small canvas, some acrylic and oil paints, Ambien coupon, Buy Ambien from canada, and in no time a new painting was born.

To be or not to be - a short story of the tragic life of a freak. 

The little cripple is very unfortunate - he has only one hand, Ambien steet value, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, weird asymmetric eyes,  he is not handsome and in addition he is also very lonely, where can i buy cheapest Ambien online. Ambien dosage, The whole group of very diverse puppets and toys do not accept him.  I like him, where can i cheapest Ambien online, Buy cheap Ambien no rx, but he is not satisfied with my company.  In desperation he decides to go on stage, buy Ambien online no prescription, Where to buy Ambien, pretends to commit suicide  and in front of the other puppets he asks:

To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, buy Ambien no prescription, Ambien pictures, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them.


[caption id="attachment_1126" align="aligncenter" width="457"]To Be Or Not To Be - acrylic, <b>is Ambien addictive</b>, <b>Ambien price, coupon</b>, oil on canvas To Be Or Not To Be - acrylic, oil on canvas[/caption]

detail - to be or not to be

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Xanax For Sale, Duchamp statement: ' What I have in mind is that art may be bad, good or indifferent but, whatever adjective is used, we must call it art'.


My suggestion: Why not call it SHIT!



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